• billy
  • brandon
  • kurt
  • jeff
  • steve
  • jarrod
  • sally
  • shover
  • CAST:


    A lover of all things film, Billy is Brandon's best friend, loyal to the end, ready and willing to go off adventuring at the drop of a hat, blue preferably. Billy is also a responsible theatre employing vying for the attention, accolade, and affection of his boss Jeff.


    Shady, suspicious, and surreptitious, Brandon is Billy's best friend, bringing with him surprise and uncertainty around every corner. Suffice it to say there are a number of missing pieces in the puzzle known as Brandon.


    Guilty by association, Kurt is a humble theatre employee who often finds himself caught up in Billy and Brandon's misadventures. Kurt acts as a liaison between Billy and Jeff, doing his best to mitigate seemingly disastrous situations. Though overly flamboyant, Kurt continues to insist it's only for comedic effect, pointing to his crush on Ally as "proof."


    Socially inept, Steve in unable to gain the respect of his peers, or anyone else for that matter. Steve just wants to fit in with the coolest guys in the world, Billy and Brandon, despite their best efforts to avoid any and all contact or interaction. Steve's favorite movie is Citizen Kane (1940), but that's only because the AFI said it should be.


    A hardworking, no nonsense individual, Jeff runs a tight ship (well, movie theatre, he's not a pirate, but that would be totally awesome if he were, right?). Jeff often finds himself a victim of Billy and Brandon's shenanigans. Jeff's diligence and dedication to his job is, from time to time, construed as anger, frustration, grumpiness, and even hatred.


    Escaped mental patient? Dopey-eyed love interest? Zombie? Billy's wife? Kurt's beard? Lady Shover's sister? Angel of death?


    Annoying asshole, pathetic prick, and all around douchebag, Jarrod poses as the number one threat to Billy and Brandon's good times. Cunning and ruthless, Jarrod will stop at nothing, but nothing, to prove his superiority over mainly Billy, but also Brandon, to Jeff.


    Avid Robocop (1987) enthusiast and father of eight, Shover is a loveable, if not forgetful, friend to Billy and Brandon. Shover has penchant for '80s action and sci-fi movies celebrating fictional holidays.