Meet Billy, an up and coming theatre employee, and his best friend Brandon, whose biggest accomplishment to date has been coming in third place at a beauty pageant that one time that he played Monopoly. The one thing they have in common is their love of movies, but whenever they watch one together it penetrates their lives and becomes a part of their reality.

It also affects the lives of those around them that get dragged into their shenanigans. Friends such as Kurt, Sally, and the Shovers are always front and center, but also Billy's angry manager Jeff, their nemesis Jarrod, and that leach of a man named Steve. Some are more willing to be a part of the fun than others, but they all get sucked in one way or the other.

The show was created and written by the real life Billy and Brandon, and it is filmed by the real life Kurt and Jarrod. All of whom graduated with film degrees during a recession. While the naming of characters lacks creativity, the driving force of the show is the witty dialogue and the care taken to both parody and pay homage to the movies that each episode is based on. Hopefully you have as much fun watching them as we had making them.


Have an idea for an episode? Maybe you hate a character and thought of a funny way to kill them. Whatever your suggestion is, drop us a line and we just might use it...